Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Puri morning...

Sometime back, I had the chance to spend a beautiful morning at the Puri Beach. This beach is a beauty...

Some shots from that morning here:
Shot on the Puri beach. tried to get a painting effect with a little more exposure.

Ready to go

These are the boats on which the fishermen go into the high seas for fishing. They start around 0200 hours and return by 0500 hours to beat the heat. The fishermen form teams of 4 and lift these boats on their shoulders and take them to the sea...

I was of the assumption that these fishermen would be Oriyas (In Oriya, the local language, the fisherment are called Nolia). But, as in any job or business, the fishermen are from many different states of India like Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu, Bihar, West Bengal and some even from Maharashtra and Kerala.

Short to tall

Flying over the horizon

High Pingpong

Golden Spangles

More details in Puri here-

Hope u liked the much I loved making it...


  1. Dheeraj just forwarded your blog's link to me, so I could check out the amazing pictures here. Great job Sudhansu - I must take some tips from you :-)

  2. Hey Sudhansu,

    These are excellent photos. My o' my ! you bring the land so dear to me come to life.

    I just remembered something that Robert Frost wrote:

    "..There was one time and only the one
    When dust really took in the sun;
    And from that one intake of fire
    All creatures still warmly suspire"

    Keep shootin' man !

    ~ Dheeraj