Saturday, September 26, 2009

Ruminations 20K Kms up in the air

6:15 PM already and the sun is still high in the sky. somewhere down on earth, the sunset would have already taken place. As I stare outside the window (on one of the many flights that I was forced to take because of work-u see, we have to work for Roti, kapda, makaan and thodi si Chivas!!!), the idea suddenly cropped up, why not write on one of the many experiences that I have had with Aerial photography...

well, first step is to get on a plane...for that one needs to have a ticket. but this is where it begins...try and get a ticket for a flight approx 30 minutes before the sunset and 1 hours before the sunrise...Reason: the sunsets and the sunrises up in the sky happen later than the sunsets on the ground and sunrises happen earlier. So timing the flight well is important. don't worry if it is cloudy below...Up there, it is a different world altogether.

Next challenge is to get a good seat...So after aligning the directions as per Sunrise and the Sunsets, I am sure you would like to choose the window seats. Now the challenge is to get a seat which is not on the wings. Getting the panorama of the sunset/ sunrise while sitting on the wing seats is a bit difficult because the Wings almost always come in the frame. Choose at least 3-4 rows ahead and 7-8 rows behind the wings. That way the view is better.

Once the seats are are all set for the action.

Some of my shots while travelling across India...

Pyaasi Nadiya -darker
This shot was taken somewhere between Ahmedabad and Bangalore. The sunset up there had still not started. But the sun was such a magical angle that the whole river entering the sea looked like molten lava flowing in.I have named this shot 'Nature's Calligraphy' because of the way it looks. This shot was chosen to be exhibited in the Frames of Mind-2009 Photography Exhibition in Bangalore.

Cloud Formation-1- Light just filtering in

Cloud Formation-2- Transluscence
I was pleasantly surprised how the trnasluscence of the clouds look so pretty. This, I had never seen on ground.

Cloud Formation-3- The small colonies of clouds- Juveniles :-)

Cloud Formation-4- Some strange lighting here

Cloud Formation-5- Seeing other flights from my flight :-)
And while one stares outside the windows of flights, u can also see other flights passing you by...some funny expereince that because even the skies are becoming increasingly crowded.

Cloud Formation-6- Do u see Superman flying with right arm outstretched
Interesting formation: Try and find out how Superman flies with arms outstreched.

Cloud Formation-7-When only a small patch of the clouds get lighted

Cloud Formation-8
Some selective lighting here. Seems like some clouds are more equal that others ;-)

Cloud Formation-9- Sunset as a line
I had never seen a sunset when sun looks like just a line like this...

Cloud Formation-10-Transversal
A line of cloud making a transversal across the colour bands in the sky

Cloud Formation-11

Hope you liked the series as much I liked making it...More will follow soon...

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sonakshi growing up faster that I thought she would...

Sometime back, we had been to Golden Palms and Spa for a Sunday Dayout. This place is near Bangalore...

The massage felt really relaxing, the lunch was awesome, the grass was lovely...all all this without any worries of the world...

As I was observing Sonakshi playing around, I suddenly felt that she is growing up faster that I thought she would...Soon, she would be good to fly and fly away she become a world citizen. A father's heart let out an inaudible sigh that day...

One from the sunday...

Kunkun at Golden Palms

moving shooter and target

I have been off the grid for so long that one fine evening I just felt like holding my Gal. So, just set the 70-200 onto the road sat in a vehicle and held the shots. A few interesting ones that came up are as follows. These just came of the traffic and vehicle lights.

[Disclaimer: In real photographic technicalities, these shots would be called as failures...but somehow I loved the simple and complex patterns they made.]

1. just hanging

2.when our car took the turn

3. when our car took the turn