Saturday, October 17, 2009

Hope the Deepawali brought you all immense joy and happiness. Some frames from yesterday's evening (17th Oct, 2009)

Flowers in the Sky:

Start burst-1

Wow...What a blast!!!

Start burst-2

One of the diwali actions...I loved the way the person was using the red flame to light some flower pots...taken from the balcony of our flat.


Diwali Sky-2009:

Diwali Sky-2009

LED lights on our balcony: loved the dramatic lighting that they were creating:
Diwali Lights-1

Diwali Lights-2

Diwali  Lights-3

Some from Diwali-2008: Last year's diwali also happened in Bangalore. We were staying that time at Palm tree place, Victoria Layout, Bangalore.

Diwali Sky-2008

Diwali Sky



Painting with Light: This would be considered as a failed shot...but the way the light has paited the frame, I really love the interestingness the frame brings about !!

painting with light

Don't the following look like the millions of them all moving at great speed to the singular whole, the root of life !!! I have named the pic: Light Sperms ;-)

Light sperms

Flowers in the Sky, Standard Stuff:

One more Flower in the sky

Flower in the sky

Rain of the light

Hope u guys had a rocking Diwali-2009 and enjoyed the series as much as I did making it.