Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I have just glanced thru one episode of "Rakhi ka Swayambar"(RKS) and what I felt was that this grand fiasco was a money churning device that has been conceived to make grand fools of people and increasing the TRPs. People always got into heated debates as to how RKS was all about women's liberation and how the Indian Woman has come of age these days. That Rakhi belongs to humble beginnings (Sawant was born as Neeru Sawant to Usha Sawant and a Mumbai policeman who Sawant has described as "very strict".Hailing from a poor family, she had only a few years of formal education), stuggling youth and dramatic controverises (Item girl/ Mika Kissing episode/ Nach baliye-3 staged wardrobe malfunction etc), made the audience go ga-ga over her and RKS. I was pleasantly surprised that some families would go to such lengths as shown in RKS to make Rakhi their family member.

What I never understood was how is this entire episode related to Women's emancipations and independence when a woman is being used to churn monies for the channel. I won't have the liberty to read the agreement that the TV channel or Rakhi signed for RKS, but the entire show seemed ultra staged...And all that natak during the Grand Finale of the show just proves my point. I even had a good debate at home on this...crazzy as it may sound....I was very sure then that this so-called engagement would fall apart in a couple of days...And here this comes in hot from the oven...Lets grow up...If women's emancipation can happen with RKS, god help the thoughts and the meta-thoughts on this...

Elesh Parunjanwala is not my man, says Rakhi Sawant - It won’t be shocking to reveal that things are not going fine between item girl Rakhi Sawant and his fiancée Elesh Parujanwala. Just after a week of Rakhi ka swayamwar’s grand finale, she has started raising doubts on Elesh and said that they are not ‘made for each other’. She also added that she hardly knew Elesh because of lack of dates between the couple and her illiteracy clashes a lot with her well educated fiancée. Also there is a big communication problem between both of them.

Rakhi is also doubtful about Elesh’s flirtatious nature and fear that his strings of affair in the past might turn into a serious relationship and he might lose interest in her soon. Rakhi said she still hadn’t got over her break up with Abhishek Awasti and wasn’t prepared for another one. Taking a dig at the participants of Rakhi ka swayamwar, she said most of the contestants were cheapsters who participated for gaining publicity that had left her feeling disillusioned about the concept of love.

Rakhi Sawant said that she talks with Manas Katyal every single day as she gets along with him quite well. She also added that she could have simply chosen Manas but the age difference between the two prevented her putting the garland around his neck. Undoubtedly this candid talk won’t please the Parujanwala family but also it won’t be a shock to know that all things that are happening now were scripted too!

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