Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bangalore Habba

Habba literally denotes festival in Kannada – the local State language of Karnataka. The Bengaluru Habba aims to provide valuable and aesthetic entertainment.

This is what the Habba website mentions-"When the Artistes’ Foundation for Arts (AFFA) was created in 2002, it was with a dream to return performing art to its audiences. For five years, every December, AFFA has been constantly reiterating this commitment through the Bengaluru Habba. Be it in the pure form of classical performance or the modern and popular version of the art, the Habba has always been about celebrating the stage and its many facets, cutting across all boundaries."

This year Bangalore Habba was organised from February 15th to February 23rd, 2009
As part of the Bangalore Photograph Club, I got a chance to shoot the 21st evening shows...

There were two parts to the evening- First one was the Percussion Music Ensemble by Dr. Suma Sudhindra, Annor Anantha Krishna Sharma and team. The finale to the evening had in store for us Anoushka Shankar. Need I say more about her...

There was an incidental short-circuit fire as well but that was under control...

Some shots from the evening:

The Stage:

21st Feb-Palace Grounds-show1-05

21st Feb-Palace Grounds-show1-01

21st Feb-Palace Grounds-show1-02

21st Feb-Palace Grounds-show1-06

21st Feb-Palace Grounds-show1-0421st Feb-Palace Grounds-show1-03

Now some from Anoushka's show:
21st Feb-Palace Grounds-Anoushka Shanker Show-01

21st Feb-Palace Grounds-Anoushka Shanker show-02

21st Feb-Palace Grounds-Anoushka Shanker show-03

Hope u liked them...

More details on the Bangalore Habba can be found here:
More details on Anoushka can be found here:

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