Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Late night thoughts on my first blog...

Finally, inspired by many a bloggers, I decide to start my own blog. Feels great too...
And what a day to start. Tomorrow I would be 31 years old on paper but I feel that I am 25 years old- with the fire in the gut and passion in the mind. I am actually feeling completely blank right now. I created the blog alright...Okie top of the mind recall are two topics- Eco-Eye and Photography.

What is Eco-Eye: Eco-Eye is the team in Wipro which drives the various GREEN initiatives. For sometime now, I have been doing my little bit for the environment but this is the first time I have joined a core team which would be focused in Eco-conservation and will definitely boost the momentum of Eco-advocacy and practice. What was I doing earlier:

1. Rather than get the company notepads for my daily use, I used to scavenge the printers and collect all the useless trial printouts which no one claims or which doesn't find the way to the shredders, make them into scratch pads and use them for my daily rough work. This, if practiced well by many, can save a lot of trees.

2. I have seen people using running water while shaving or brushing teeth. This wastes a lot of water, particularly when some people keep the water running when the brush is still inside their mouth or the razor moving on their cheeks. Keeping the taps closed or better still using a mug of water for cleaning the razor would save a lot of water.

3. Making a habit of switching of the engine at long-haul traffic lights was not something that I was consciously doing. But, trust u me, switching of my car engine at traffic lights gave me an immediate saving of 400 rupees per month and at 51 rupees per litre, that was also saving approx 7-8 litres of Petrol per month per person... Imagine, how much fuel we can save and how much pollution we can reduce by just switching off the ignition at the traffic junctions when the signal is red.

And small small many other points...and I am sure Eco-eye would prove a catalyst now. I sometimes feel utterly lonely in my drive and hence need your help too to make our earth a better place. Lets all make the earth greener.

And as far as photography is concerned, I can just go on...But let me cover the lost ground by posting about my recent outing and I will try and seamlessly tie up my present and the past...

Well...feels good that I wrote my first blog today...Happy birthday to me...Sweet dreams :-)


  1. nice work sir. Kudos to the thought of presenting oriya arts and artists in this way. Really a good gesture.

  2. Sudhansu,

    Good first post ! Nice initiatives on contributing to saving the environment. While there are many mechanisms of institutionalizing it, I was wondering if we can start some sort of a "Chipko" for some burning issues such as paper wastage in companies. The idea is to create a movement that can be espoused by many - a mass movement. And, between us, we have enough fire to get kicking on this !

    What say ?

    Keep blogging,